A1(M)/M62 Holmfield Interchange

Highways Agency

Kellogg, Brown & Root UK

RMG JV (AMEC, Alfred McAlpine, Dragados, Kellogg Brown & Root)


The new interchange was constructed as part of the A1(M) & M62 motorway upgrade to relieve traffic congestion in the Holmfield area. The interchange is exceptionally complex and comprises of various flyovers at different levels which required a unique solution that could be constructed with minimum disruption to traffic.

The contractors preferred method for constructing the various flyover structures was a composite concrete deck with twin steel girder in a ladder arrangement. However on interchanges with complex highway arrangements, the standard engineering approach that has the structural supports immediately under each girders, can lead to a visually undesirable “forest of columns”. Therefore considerable effort was made to reduce the number of supports, by optimising the span arrangements with relation to the structural girder depths. The bridge piers were also specially shaped to minimise their footprint whilst providing the required support.

The resulting 22 piers have varying heights of between 6m and 17m. Their architectural form was inspired by the majestic cooling towers of the nearby Ferrybridge Power Station and incorporate surface features to control weathering.