Sheppey Crossing

Highways Agency/Sheppey Route

Capita Symonds/Cass Hayward LLP

Carillion PLC

Fairfield Maybey

- I Struct E: Winner Award for Transportation Structures

- BCSA Steel Design Award

- Institution of Civil Engineers (South East England, Kent and East Sussex) Thomas Brassey Award

Yee Associates has been involved with this project from concept right through to completion. Initially Yee Associates acted as the aesthetic advisor to the Highways Agency, presenting the project to the RFAC and then Public Enquiry. Yee Associates then assisted Carillion PLC during the DBFO Tender, detailed design & construction stages.

The bridge sits in a very flat landscape and can be seen up to 30km away, additionally the bridge passes over a SSSI requiring special aesthetic, environmental and ecological design measures.